Why Is My Winix Air Purifier Blinking? How Do I Fix It?

Last Updated on May 8, 2024

When it comes to efficiency, the Winix air purifiers will be in the top most positions. However, just like any other air purification device out there, you can face some issues with the Winix models over time. The common one is the Winix air purifier smart sensor blinking.

Now, if you have faced that issue, you can not help but wonder why is my Winix air purifier blinking, right? Well, a couple of reasons can be causing the problem. In some cases, it can indicate an issue with the fan or filtration unit. And in others, it can be because of dirty sensors.

But the good news is that you can quickly fix this problem with Winix air purifiers. Want to know how? Go through this troubleshooting guide to find out!

Why Is the Winix Air Purification Device Blinking?

First, let’s discuss the things causing the blinking issue in detail. This discussion will also answer the question of why is Winix air purifier red light. Nonetheless, in most cases, the Winix air purifier 2 blinking lights state that there is an issue with the fan or filter.

Generally, when the filter gets dirty, it will cause the fan to slow down. In some cases, the fan will even stop rotating due to clogged filters. When the air purification device fan does not pass enough airflow, it will make the light blink.

Other than that, dirty sensors can also trigger the blinking light issue. In this case, the sensors will not be capable of taking proper readings due to the accumulated dirt and dust. Sometimes, the sensors can even get clogged with pollen and dust. That will also make the light blink.

Wondering what the sensor does on Winix air purifiers? Well, it is there to monitor the air quality intelligently. It will also adjust the fan speed by considering all of the readings. There should be a light indicating the air quality on your Winix device. When it is orange or red, it means that the air quality is too poor.

How do fix the Winix air purifier light blinking?

As we have mentioned earlier, you can easily fix the Winix air purifier two lights blinking. Here are the troubleshooting methods:

Clean the Carbon Filter

Usually, the Winix air purification devices will come with multiple filters. But the one that might be causing the blinking light issue is the carbon filter and pre-filter. You will need a damp cloth and a soft brush to clean these. Take both the filtration units out by turning off the device first.

Then, wipe the exterior dirt and dust away with a soft brush and clean the filter with a damp cloth. That said, we recommend using a handheld vacuum cleaner if you want to carry out a deep clean on the filters. That will let you remove stubborn dirt and dust from the filters.

Another process to clean the filters would be to hold them under running water. But do not use any detergent or hot water to clean them. That will damage the units and make them inefficient.

Cleaning the Sensors

The Winix air purifier blinking red light issue can be because of the room’s air quality. But sometimes, Winix smart sensor blinking can take faulty readings because of dust and dirt accumulated on the top. Again, it is pretty easy to fix this issue. All you will need is a soft brush.

Turn the air purifier off, get the dirt, and dust off the sensor with your brush. To ensure proper cleaning, you can even use a vacuum cleaner. Then turn the device on again and see if the blinking or red light issue is still there or not.

If the issue still persists, you should reset the device. To do so, you should put the air purifier in sleep mode for at least five minutes. Once the device returns to normal mode, please turn it off and turn it back again. These two simple steps are enough to reset the device.

Replace the Filter

Sometimes, if you are incredibly unlucky, the common troubleshooting methods will fail to solve the Winix air purifier red light issue. Fret not; there is still a way to fix the problem. And for this, you will need to get yourself a new filter first.

After that, you need to follow the exact process of replacing the filtration unit on your device.

We highly recommend following the steps on your Winix air purifier user manual, as different Winix devices have different replacement processes. But for most, you must first press the reset/power button for at least five seconds after you replace the air filter. After the five-second period, the blinking or red light should turn off.

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Fixing a Faulty Winix Air Purifier

If all the troubleshooting methods fail to solve your device’s Winix air purifier flashing red light problem, you might just have a faulty one. In this case, you will need to resort to sending the machine back to the manufacturer. There is really no easy way to fix the faulty units by yourself.

Final Words

So, the short answer to why my Winix air purifier is blinking is that there is an issue with the fan or filter. And in some cases, the sensor might be clogged with dirt and dust, which can make the lights blink. But as you can see, the troubleshooting steps are pretty easy. So, instead of worrying, follow those methods.

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