Why Is Alpine Living Air Purifier Sparking? [FIX]

Last Updated on April 22, 2024

Air purifiers go through a lot of quality checking and tests before they ship to the customers. The same applies to the units from Alpine Living air purification devices. But no appliance is perfect. These can still show some issues after using them for a reasonable time.

For example, the Alpine purifiers can start to make a sparking sound. And when you face such an issue, you might wonder why is Alpine living air purifier sparking ? Well, the noise might be coming out of the ozone plates of the device. It can also be because of the motor.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg for the issue. There is so much to it! And you can know it all if you continue reading.

Why Is Alpine Living Air Purifier Arcing?

One of the specialties of the Alpine air purifiers is that they rely on ozone plates to offer a highly efficient air cleaning performance. These plates generate ozone and adequately clean the air in a large-sized room.

They even do a proper job of disinfecting, deodorizing and removing irritating and dangerous particles from the air. However, just like any of the advanced cleaning mechanisms of air purifiers, ozone generators are also susceptible to malfunctioning.

The ozone plates can wear down when you have been using the air purification device with an ozone generator for a prolonged time. And when it does, it can create sparks while operating. You should not run the device when you hear these sparks. It can damage the device.

How to Fix the Spark Noise from Alpine Air Purifiers?

So, to fix the spark sounds of the Alpine air purifiers, you will need to replace the ozone plate or plates. For most devices, there should be more than one. And when you are making the replacement, it is better to get the entire set replaced.

You can easily order replacement ozone plates from the official website of Alpine Air Technologies. Get the replacements and replace the old ozone plates.

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But before you take the air purifier apart, turn it off and unplug the power cord from the wall outlet . Because you might damage the components inside by disassembling the air purifier while it is on.

Another reason why the Alpine ozone generator air purifier makes the sparking sound might be because of the fan pot. So, which one is the fan pot? It is basically the rotary switch that the knob turns to adjust the speed of the fan. To be sure whether the fan pot is causing the issue or not, you can check it with a multimeter.

If the multimeter does not provide you with any reading, you need to replace it. Again, the part is available on the official website of Alpine.

Final Words

So, what answers the question of why is Alpine living air purifier sparking? Well, the spark sounds might be because of the ozone plates. They might be worn out, and you will need to replace them. Additionally, it might be because of the fan pot. If it is out, you should get it replaced to fix the issue.

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