Why Can’t Air Purifiers Be Closed To Electronics? Where To Place It Then?

Last Updated on March 24, 2024

Some of the instructions in this manual are funny. It reads – Do not place the air purifier near other electronics. Are you kidding me? My house looks like an electronics shop! Where would I find that perfect place?”

“I can see many options. Frustration isn’t one of them, mister. Sit down, drink your tea, and consider the options. I’m sure you will be smiling in a while.”

Yes, she was right; you would smile eventually. But let’s figure out why can’t air purifier be closed to electronics first. This way, the manual in your hand will make better sense. And you will get the best out of your air purifier. Also, do not forget to check out the section for placement options. 

Why Can’t Air Purifiers Be Closed to Electronics?

The necessity of good placement for the air purifiers is beyond looks and comfort. It will dictate the whole functioning of the machine along with its safety. And to learn about the matter at hand elaborately, please hang in there.

A Compromise on the Safety

The first thing you want to regard about electronics is safety. And the correct placement of the device plays a crucial role in this. Whether or not you have sufficient space inside the room, you aren’t allowed to place it next to another electronic device.

The reason is quite obvious – radiation. Whether you admit it or not, electronics do emit radio waves. Now, when you are placing the purifier next to an electronic device, there are mixed-up wavelengths trying to dominate over one another. This is like a battle in a fictional world, yet so much more real.

The problem that will arise from placing the machine in a like manner could be devastating. One of which will be the malfunctioning of either electronic device. This can even lead to ultimate damage to the purifier or the other electronics in the room, that’s why always maintain safety precautions for electronic equipment.

A Surge in Temperature

For the air purifier to function well, it’s of the utmost importance that its internal temperature is well maintained. Overheating can cause many issues, like sparks. Whenever the device produces excessive heat, you will perceive a sparking noise.

Also, overheating may produce a bad smell. Many users suffer from the issue of odor emitting from a device that was supposed to give off a pleasant scent. Moreover, a hot electronic device may mean that you are anticipating an electrical malfunction. So, the dangers are many.

Now, what does the temperature rise have to do with our topic? Well, when you place the air purifier near an electronic device, there will be overheating. When the air comes out hot and does not find enough room for ventilation, there will be a temperature surge.

So, if you want to avoid such unwanted situations, you must give the air a passage to flow freely. And it would be possible only when you place the purifier at a decent distance from other machinery.

Overload on the Outlet

Here’s another complication of placing the device close to an electronic one. Most of the time, you will have to use the same electrical outlet to plug in the devices close to each other. As a result, the total need for power rises. And that’s when the problems emerge.

The first that might happen is complete damage to the outlet. Now, if that was the only damage to take place, you would’ve been lucky. But that wasn’t the case.

There could be more damage to the whole electrical system of the house. And the worst thing is that you wouldn’t know about that for some time.

So, to avoid such dangers, I would advise avoiding multiplugs. Plug in the purifier in an outlet exclusively. This way, it will get the power needed while letting you rest assured.

Where to Place the Purifier?

The above discussion leads us to the question – what’s the perfect placement, then? Glad that you asked. The options are many. Let’s see which one suits your home better.

  1. Somewhere Spacious

When you place it in a narrow zone, you are limiting your privilege. Yes, the purifier needs to keep the harmful air particles at bay, remember? And when it gets enough room, it operates more efficiently.

Therefore, I prefer hallways. Placing it thus ensures maximum airflow and space. Also, you can choose the bedrooms, if they are spacious enough.

  1. A Spot with Proper Ventilation

The second most important factor is ventilation. There could be a spacious spot with poor ventilation. Well, I would avoid such spots. If you want the device to operate soundly, there should be adequate airflow. So, placing it near a window or door wouldn’t be a bad idea.

However, placing the machine too close to the window might be problematic. The rain may harm the device this way. Also, the sun would fall directly on it, making it too hot. So, when you are choosing this option, distance the purifier a bit from the window.

  1. Off the ground

Here’s one of the best options to place your purifier. When you are placing it above the ground, you allow vertical airflow. Thus, the machine gets more room for breathability. This way, the chances of overheating get lessened.

  1. Near the Source of Impurities

The last but not the least option is that you keep the fighter close to what it’s supposed to fight with. There could be a source of smoke causing all the mishaps. To keep the air pure, placing the device somewhere near that source would be a great idea. However, beware of the heat.

Final Words

By now, you must’ve realized why can’t air purifiers be closed to electronics. Also, we hope that we were able to suggest a good option for the perfect placement of it. And if there’s anything you want to share with us, we’ll be right here.

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