Where To Place Air Purifier? [placement guide]

Last Updated on April 19, 2024

Are you new to air purifiers? If yes, then you might not know where to place air purifier. Up to 20% of an air purifier’s efficiency depends on the correct placement. The downcasting fact is you can lose up to 50% of overall air purifier effectiveness if you keep the purifier in the wrong place.

So, to avoid such issues, you first need to figure out which part of your room is the pick point for pollutants. Then, choose a place where the air purifier can get the highest air exchanging capacity. In this case, a hallway is a perfect place. But never place the machine in a corner or behind any furniture.

While placing a purifier, you should have someone who knows how to do so. But if you’re lacking in this, take it easy. We’re happy to help you, so binge on until the end.

Air Purifier Placement Guide

It would help if you always think about where to place air purifier in the breathing zone of your house. The unit should be closer to your head. In this way, the clean air will reach you straight away.

Let’s keep it simple. Just follow these two simple rules to get an overall good air purifying system: 

  • Follow the airflow in the room
  • Mark out the places you spend the most time at

Well, below are some of the placement tips that’ll aid you in placing your purifier.

Bedroom Area

Consider placing the purifier on a nightstand or bedside table if it’s a bedroom. Many people, primarily home decor-conscious ones, tend to put it on the floor or in a corner, which is not right. In this way, the machine won’t be that effective.

Placing the machine on a nightstand near your bed creates the best chance for the purifier to eliminate air pollutants efficiently.

Choosing the Right Room

Start by selecting the room where the air purifier will be most beneficial. High-traffic areas like the living room, bedroom, or your home office are excellent choices. You spend a significant amount of time in these spaces and are likely to encounter airborne pollutants.

Understanding Airflow

Ensure that the air purifier is positioned to maximize airflow circulation throughout the room. Placing it near windows or doors can help with the intake of fresh air. This allows the purifier to efficiently capture and remove particles and contaminants from the indoor environment.

Avoiding Obstructions

To optimize the air purifier’s performance, avoid placing it behind furniture, curtains, or other obstructions. Obstacles can disrupt the airflow and prevent the purifier from effectively cleaning the air.

Proximity to Pollutants

Identify potential sources of pollutants in the room. If you’re dealing with specific issues like cooking odors in the kitchen or allergens in the bedroom, place the air purifier closer to these sources for targeted purification.

Ideal Placement in Different Seasons

Consider seasonal factors when positioning your air purifier. During allergy seasons, placing the purifier in the room you frequent the most can help alleviate symptoms. When windows are closed in colder months, proper air circulation becomes even more critical.

Considering Room Size

The size of the room matters. Larger rooms may require more powerful air purifiers or placement closer to the area where you spend the most time. Smaller rooms might benefit from a centrally positioned purifier.

Bedroom Placement

Place an air purifier in the bedroom for a peaceful night’s sleep. Clean air in your sleeping environment can lead to better sleep quality and reduced allergy symptoms.

Living Room Placement

The air can quickly become laden with dust and allergens in the living room, where family members gather. Positioning an air purifier here helps maintain clean air for everyone.

Placement in the Kitchen

Cooking activities can introduce pollutants and odors. Placing an air purifier in the kitchen helps mitigate these issues and keeps the air fresh and clean.

Office and Workspace Placement

If you have a home office or workspace, consider placing an air purifier nearby. Clean air can enhance focus and productivity, creating a healthier and more conducive environment.

Avoiding Noise Disruption

While selecting a spot, also take noise into account. Some air purifiers generate noise, albeit minimal. Avoid placing them too close to where you relax or sleep to ensure a peaceful environment.

Maintenance Accessibility

Regular maintenance is crucial for optimal air purifier performance. Choose a location that allows easy access for filter changes and cleaning.


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Air Purifiers Location Guide

Here in this section, we are going to tell you where you should place the air purifier and which place should be off your table:

  • Place the machine where you think the worst air pollutants exist, such as where you smoke or where you spot odor or mold the most. You can use an air quality monitor or sensor to determine the highest pollutant points.
  • Doorways, passageways, or places around the windows are also some decent places for air filters. These are the places where the machine can get the maximum airflow. 
  • Never place your air purifier in a corner or where the machine gets blocked from two directions. Insufficient airflow will take longer to purify, and the purifier’s effectiveness might get spoilt.
  • Ensure you aren’t placing the cleaner in high humidity or temperature, such as in the kitchen or bathroom. Places with humidity are a great place to breed for mold, so here’s another no-no. If you have done that accidentally and are looking for a way to fix this, you should turn to a dehumidifier.
  • Avoid places near electronic devices such as TVs, stereos, or microwaves as they can damage the purifier and disturb its purifying system, range, and duration. Maintain at least 5 feet of distance to ease the circumstance and let the purifier work appropriately. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the best place to put an air purifier?

It would be best to keep your air purifier as close to you as possible. According to experts, the closer your purifier is to you, the more purified air you get to breathe in. Therefore, a nightstand or a side table would be the best place to situate an air purifier.

  1. Where should you not put an air purifier?

It would help if you didn’t keep your air purifier too far from your bed. Again, try avoiding walls and corners when situating your air purifier. Putting an air purifier in a corner would be of no use as it might cause the purifier to take a low amount of air in to purify.

Moreover, if there is heavy furniture around your purifier, then it might block your purifier’s way.

  1. Should an air purifier be placed high or low?

An air purifier should be placed higher from the ground but not too high. Keeping the air purifier on the ground might cause the cleaner to get blocked by the furniture. The perfect length you should follow to place your purifier higher from the ground is about three feet.

This will help the air purifier to have better airflow and to allow it to reach the whole room properly.

  1. Should an air purifier be placed on the floor?

No, an air purifier is better not to be placed on the floor. Placing the purifier on the ground might cause issues like blocking the air for the cleaner as there would be furniture on the ground level. Moreover, the purifier might not be able to capture air from the ground level. So it’s better if you avoid placing your purifier on the ground.

  1. Where should I put my air purifier in my living room?

Try putting the air purifier somewhere far from the furniture and the cabinets. Make sure your purifier is situated where the airflow doesn’t get blocked. It’s better if your purifier is located three feet over the ground level. You should put your air purifier in a place where the purified air gets to reach every corner of the room.

  1. How far away should an air purifier be from a TV?

The air purifier should be placed at least 5 feet away from a TV. It is because the air purifiers radiate wavelengths that cause damage to electronic products like TVs, microwave ovens, etc. To keep your electronic products safe from getting damaged, locate your air purifier six feet away from them.

  1. How far does an air purifier need to be away from the wall?

Backing up your purifier against the walls would cause it to have trouble taking the polluted air in. You should keep your air purifier a minimum of 18 inches away from the walls and other furniture. It would be best if you placed it in the middle of the room.

Again, placing your air purifier against the wall would block the polluted air from entering and the purified air from reaching every corner of the room.

Bottom Line 

Air purifiers are mandatory nowadays with the increasing air pollution. It’s depressing enough that we can’t do anything about it; it’s high time we install air purifiers. But there’s no meaning in establishing one in an inappropriate place. So you must know where to place the air purifier. 

The inappropriate place causes low airflow and efficiency and can damage your machine. Anyway, we hope our guidance above is comprehensive enough, and you can place your purifier correctly now.

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