Can You Use A Humidifier Every Night? [8 Types of Benefits]

Last Updated on April 20, 2024

When it’s cold outside, a humidifier surely gives you relief from dry throat, nose, and skin, which is why it is on everyone’s shelf nowadays. But can you use a humidifier every night? 

Yes, you definitely can use a humidifier every night, and it’s absolutely okay! Nothing aids with dryness as much as a good quality humidifier does.

And in this very article, we will be shining light on, should the humidifier run all night and the benefits of sleeping with the humidifier on. 

Is It Okay to Sleep with a Humidifier Working Every Night?

It is not an issue if you keep the humidifier on all night. In fact, it is healthy. Some doctors even suggest sleeping with a humidifier on. But make sure to keep the humidity level within 30% – 50%.

Keeping a humidifier on while you are sleeping has several benefits, and here we have mentioned some of the major ones. 

Check them out!

It Moisturizes the Skin 

Extreme dryness in the air can make your skin very dry. And when the skin is dry, it looks flaking, ashy, and dull. Plus, dry skin leads to eczema as well, which is the last thing you want. On top of everything, dry air can fuel aging. 

A well-moisturized skin is able to absorb nutrients way better than dry skin. Plus, moisturized skin can also block dust.

So, having a humidifier working when you are sleeping can make you wake up with healthy, moisturized, attractive skin. 

It Helps with Dust

Having a good humidity level in the house is beneficial in every area. A good humidifier will help you with dust as well.

Does it reduce the dust? No! What a humidifier does is it waterlogs the dust in the air and makes it heavy. 

As a result, instead of floating in the air, the weight brings the dust down to the floor. So instead of breathing dust filled with mites, you are inhaling dust-free air. 

Helps to Prevent Respiratory Infection 

Most of us wake from sleep in the morning with a congested nose, sinus issues, and other respiratory infections in cold seasons. And it is due to the dry air that we breathe throughout the night.

Plus, in winter, dry air contains a lot of bacteria, and these nasty microscopic organisms enter our body, therefore causing many respiratory infections such as nose bleed, bronchitis, sinusitis, and in the worst case scenario, even influenza.

But if you sleep with a humidifier on, it will add humidity to the air and will also moisten the nasal passages. On top of that, when the humidity level is normal, bacteria in the air cannot grow. 

Hence you will be free from those irritating respiratory issues. 

Gives You Quality Sleep 

Have you heard of sleep apnea? People with sleep apnea find it very difficult to breathe when they are asleep. And one of the major reasons why people find it hard to breathe in sleep is dry nasal passages. 

When the air is dry, that slowly makes the nasal passage dry and sometimes congested, and it makes it worse for people with sinusitis. 

A humidifier can keep the nasal passage moist, which can help a person have quality sleep.

Keeps Furniture in Good Shape

Brown rot or dry rot is a very common issue that happens with wood furniture. And it happens when the wood is continuously exposed to extremely dry air. A few days of dry air exposure can cause the wood to crack and split. 

Once cracking and splitting start, there is no going back. You can’t undo it. Hence, keeping the room humid keeps the furniture and your wallet healthy as well. 

Keeps the Indoor Plants Healthy

Indoor plants need a certain amount of humidity in order to perform photosynthesis. And running a humidifier for 8 – 10 hours at least can give the plants the level of moisture they require. 

Keeps the Indoor Plants Healthy

If you are someone who is always out, using the humidifier when you are sleeping should provide the plants with what they need.

Prevents Snoring

Among all the reasons, one reason behind snoring is dry nasal cavities, pallets, and mouth. In fact, when the nasal passages are dry, it causes the respiratory tissues to vibrate, and that causes snoring. 

However, even though this is not the only reason why people snore, if someone already has a snoring issue, surely dry nasal passages will worsen that. 

So, sleep with a humidifier on to moisten the air. Hence it will moisten your nasal passages; as a result, it can lower the volume if you are already a heavy snorer. 

Prevents Virus Transmission 

Do you know that viruses can travel in the air? And they can live much longer if the air dries? Well, now you know.

In winter, when the air is dry, viruses can live long enough to infect many within a short span of time. 

Plus, dry air makes it very easy for the virus to travel. But if you can add moisture to the air, that will make it very hard for the virus to live and travel. 

On top of that, as we have mentioned above, having a humidifier working will keep your nasal passages moist. Therefore, even if a virus enters your nasal passage, it will be easy for you to fight it off. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I sleep with a humidifier every night? 

Yes! Sleeping with a humidifier On every night is absolutely okay. 

2. Is it OK to use a humidifier daily? 

You can use a humidifier every day, nothing wrong with that. But make sure to keep the humidity level between 30% – 50%.

3. Is it healthy to sleep with a humidifier? 

Yes, it is very healthy to sleep with a humidifier working. The best of the benefits is you get quality sleep. 

4. How often should you run a humidifier?

The humidity level in a house should be between 30% – 50%. Run the humidifier as long as needed to keep the level within the given range. 


To sum it up, can you use a humidifier every night? Yes, you can use a humidifier every night. You just have to be careful about not increasing the humidity level above 50% – 60%.

Low and excess humidity both can be problematic. Plus, excess humidity will accelerate dust mites and mold growth which are real threats to health. 

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