Where Should You Place Your Humidifier?[placement Guide]

Last Updated on April 27, 2024

Humidifiers are essential devices to have if you want to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful sleep while ensuring your health benefits. These devices are the best addition to a hot, humid, and dry environment as it helps maintain moisture and air circulation. But where should you place your humidifier for the best circulation?

To benefit from humidifiers, they must be at least 3 feet off the ground and positioned in an open space for the mists to circulate and combine with the air.

Placing them in a cramped and enclosed space can cause the walls to become damp and moist, while wallpaper glue may wear off. Direct contact and exposure to heat or hot surfaces can also cause damage to the device.

So, want to know more about the best placements for your humidifier? Well, then binge on this blog till the very end.

Places Where You Can Place Your Humidifier

Placing your humidifier is essential as it ensures proper circulation and efficiency. Moreover, you must ensure to take proper care of the device and refill the water each time for optimum output. To help you to figure out the ideal humidifier placement guide – here are the best places where you can place your humidifier-

Living Room

If you are looking for a place to position your humidifier in your living room, you can pick a spot closest to where most people will be gathering. However, ensure that it’s not too close and the mist is coming directly into contact.

Maintain about 3-4 feet of distance between the humidifier and the seating area for optimum output. You must also ensure it is not cramped in a tight space as the mists need to flow and circulate through the room to work.


The best place to position your humidifier in your bedroom is near your bed. About 3-4 feet of distance between the humidifier and your body is the ideal position to place it.

There are several benefits to sleeping with your humidifier on, such as a balanced moisture level, prevention of dry skin, helping reduces snoring as well as providing a comfortable environment.

bed room

Safety Tip: Keep the cords, cables, and wires away from your feet to ensure you don’t tangle yourself. It is also to ensure the minor water droplets from the humidifier do not come in contact with the cables and cause any electrical mishap.

Office Room

Adding a humidifier in an office room can significantly transform your workplace. Placing an office humidifier in the middle of each room where most staff are present can help improve their health, prevent flu outbreaks and ensure a healthier environment.

office room

It will even directly impact staff productivity, which will ultimately help benefit your business.

Reasons Why Humidifier Placement Areas Are So Important

Here in this section, we’ll let you know the reasons why humidifier placement areas are so important and why you need to be cautious while positioning them.

To Prevent Floor Damage from Leaking

Since humidifiers work with water, it is crucial to know there is always an imminent possibility of leaking from them. If the humidifier is placed on a wooden surface or floor, the mist may spray heavier, causing it to turn into droplets and accumulate on the floor.

This accumulation can cause the floor to rot, swell up from the inside out, or even split open if left for too long. It can also leave water marks on surfaces that would demolish your floors’ overall beauty.

So, to prevent such damage, placing a plastic sheet or a bucket underneath the humidifier is always recommended.

Exposure to Sun

Direct sun exposure to a humidifier can have severe adverse effects. Since the humidifier is in constant contact with water, leaving it in a hot, humid, and in contact with sunlight can cause it to promote algae and bacterial growth.

The worst part is you won’t even know the algae growth unless you open the humidifier. So, without checking on the water, you may continue using the same water to mist around for hydration, resulting in severe bacterial spread and disease.

Therefore, it is recommended to keep the humidifier in a sheltered area where the sun won’t be able to cause the humidifier to overheat and promote such growth. Such exposure may also cause the device to overheat, leading to internal and technical issues.

Closeted Airflow

When a humidifier is positioned in a corner or a tight space, the mist released can become too congested and cause the area to become damp quickly. This can cause severe damage to the device and the surrounding environment.

Humidifiers must be positioned in an open space for the mist to circulate and combine with the air. When in a cramped space, the mists cannot combine with as much air as needed to circulate.

Moreover, it can cause the device to push itself to work harder and release more mists than it actually should. And you simply won’t want such a mishap to take place!

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Where should a humidifier be placed in a bedroom?

The best place to place a humidifier in a bedroom is right by the bed. This way, it can improve your sleep quality, help boost your brain, and improve your immune system. But it is vital to ensure the cords, cables, and other electrical components are far out of the way, so your feet don’t get tangled.

If the humidifier is near the bed, you can place it around your face and feet or center it around your body.

  1.  Is it OK to sleep next to a humidifier?

Sleeping next to a humidifier is recommended because it provides several benefits. Sleeping next to a humidifier can leave your hair and skin feeling moist and prevent surface dehydration. The temperature will also drop and prevent your body from overheating.

  1. Should a humidifier be placed high or low in a room?

Humidifiers release a mild mist from the device that needs to incorporate itself with the present air in the room. To do that, it is best if the humidifier is placed high off the ground to come in contact with as much air as possible.

  1. Can humidifier be placed on floor?

While it can be placed on the floor, this way, it will ultimately diminish the purpose of a humidifier. It will collide against surfaces, making it wet and drip water at a certain point. However, when it is placed off the floor, it has more chances to mist further away and come in contact with air, thus providing maximum benefits.

  1. Why can’t you put a humidifier on wood?

Placing a humidifier on the wood is never recommended. If the mist does not have adequate space in front of it, it could end up dripping on the floor and accumulate there, causing damage to the wood.

  1. Where should you not put a humidifier?

Humidifiers should not be placed where the vents could be blocked from passing through the mists. You should also not place it near other technological gadgets and devices. Plus, placing it directly under sunlight could also be hazardous as it could overheat and malfunction and even result in algae growth.

  1. Should humidifier be on the table or floor?

Humidifiers need a large area in front of it to maximize collision with the present air in the room. When the humidifier is placed on the floor, it may not be high enough to have much space in front of it for the mists to go further. When it is elevated on a table or stool, it has a larger surface area to cover and operate efficiently.

  1. Where should the humidifier be placed for best results?

When sleeping, it is best to place the humidifier on a higher surface and near yourself or your bed. There are several benefits to sleeping next to the humidifier, such as reducing snoring and skin and hair hydration.

  1. Does it matter where you place your humidifier?

It most certainly does matter where you place your humidifier. To access the benefits of a humidifier, it is essential to place it near you or at least at certain places where it can circulate the air well.

Bottom Line

So, after going through this blog, you must have a clear understanding of where should you place your humidifier. The placement matters because without the right humidifier positioning, you simply can’t expect it to operate as it should! So, for your benefit, you must place the device in an ideal place in your home.

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