Why Is My Air Purifier Making Noise? [FIX]

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

Air purifiers are becoming a standard home device these days. In fact, more than 30 million Americans have one of these in their home. Due to their popularity, many issues regarding these devices have been popping up lately. The question of “Why is my air purifier making noise?” has been circling a lot among them.

So, we decided to use our expertise regarding air purifiers and provide a proper answer to the issue. The air purification devices will make noise when there is a lot of dust buildup on the ionizer pins. Sometimes, they can make loud sounds because of clogged filters or when the filtration unit is not correctly installed.

However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much to it! And if you want to know it all, you should continue reading!

Different Noises That Air Purifiers Make

When using HEPA air filters, the noise levels can be pretty loud when the air purifiers are doing a lot of work. On the other hand, when you have an ionic filtration unit on the device, it can operate at a considerably low level of noise.

That said, decibels (dB) are the unit of the noise level for these devices. Usually, the air purification devices should make around or less than 60 dB of noise. But when there are issues with the system, the noise level can get excessively high.

Nonetheless, before you get to know the in-depth answer to your question of why is my air purifier so loud, you need to know the different types of noises these devices make. Here is a brief answer for do air purifiers make noise:


Air purification devices communicate through flashes and beeps. A beep, in a general sense, is a short tone that is typically high-pitched. For most air purifiers, this beep indicates that the air filter requires replacement. A beeping noise can also mean that the device requires a reset.

In contrast, some air purifiers will integrate a Smart Filter Change Reminder feature. This feature will alert you to replace the filter by combining or using a unique indicator.

Click or Rattling

You might hear a clicking or rattling sound when the front panel closes or opens. These sounds are nothing but the noises that the motor generally makes. It will make these sounds when calibrating. And they are not something that you need to worry about.


The air purifiers can whisper when you set the fan speed at low mode. Again, this sound is not something you would worry about. It is a normal thing for air purifiers.


An air purifier can sometimes make a harsh hissing sound from the sensor when it is running slow or slowing down. It can emit the same sound when it is turned off as well. Just like the previous two, you should not worry about this sound.

Whistling Noise

You need to worry about the whistling noise because a defective or damaged air filter will make the air purifier emit this sound. It can happen right after installing a new filter or moments before the filter gets too dirty.

Why Is Your Air Purifier Making a Loud Sound?

Now that you have a fair idea regarding the different types of noise air purification devices make let’s get to the central part of the guide. So, these might answer your question of why is my purifier so loud:

Debris in the Unit

Foreign objects or debris are generally fragments from destroyed objects. These can get into the air purifier while it is drawing air inside. And when they do get into the machine, the device will make more noise than usual. So, what can you do to fix this? Here are the steps:

  • Turn the air purification unit off and unplug it
  • Open the device and check for any dust, debris, or other foreign objects inside
  • If the filter is not clogged, clean it using a vacuum cleaner
  • Replace the filter if you find it clogged or exhausted
  • Reset the filter

Incorrectly Installed Filter

The air purifier will make excessive noise when you have installed the filter wrong. In some cases, the device can even stop working entirely. Fortunately, most air purification systems will alert you to the red light. That will indicate that the filter is not correctly set. Here is the solution for this:

  • Turn the device off and unplug it
  • Disassemble it and remove the filter
  • Examine the filter and install it properly

Filter Requires Replacement

You will hear very unusual noises when the filter badly requires a replacement. The reason behind these sounds is that the filtration device is struggling a lot to draw and purify the air. It might even fail to make the right amount of airflow. Now, to check whether the filter really requires replacement or not, follow these steps:

  • Turn the air purifier off and unplug it
  • Remove the rear cover and push the release button of the air filter housing
  • Get the filter off the housing and check if it has gone black or grey

Dust Buildups ON THE Ionizer Pins

Hearing ticking noises? There is a high chance that the ionizer pins have dust buildup. And when there are dust buildups, the static electricity will cause the ionizer pins to make a ticking and clicking noise. To fix this sound issue, go through these small steps:

  • Turn the device off and remove the filter
  • Clean the filter according to the instructions in the manual
  • Check the vent where the filter resides and look for the ionizer pins
  • Clean the ionizer pins using compressed air and put things back in place

The Location of the Purifier Is Not Optimal

Did you know that the performance of the air purification device highly depends on the location you set it up? Yes! It does! And if you do not place it in an optimal place, there is a high chance that you will notice it making sounds. Just check these factors to solve it:

  • Place the device on the ground or at a height of three to five feet above the ground
  • Do not place it in the areas where there is little to no airflow at all
  • Avoid placing the air purification device on corners
  • Remove any of the obstacles that might be blocking the airflow
  • Do not place the device in areas with high humidity
  • Keep the air purifier away from electronic devices

Final Words

Are you still asking yourself why is my air purifier making noise? It might be because of too much dust or debris build-up inside. The device can also make unusual noise due to a bad filter, improper installation of the filter, and for not keeping it in an optimal location. Or, your purifier might simply be a loud model!

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