Why Is My Alen Air Purifier Beeping? [SOLVED]

Last Updated on March 31, 2024

Air purifiers are great little home appliances. They purify the indoor air and make it healthy. These devices are also great for people suffering from allergies. However, over time, they can output some problems. For example, you might hear a beeping sound on your Alen air purifier.

When that happens, you might ask yourself why is my Alen air purifier beeping. Well, the beeping sound states that the device requires a reset. It might also mean that the filter needs a replacement. But how do you reset the Alen air purifier or replace the filtration unit? Go through this guide to find out how.

How to Reset the Alen Air Purifier?

In most cases, resetting the Alen air purifier will eliminate the beeping sound. And to reset the device, you need to go through these steps:

Step 1: Locate the Filter Button

On the Alen air purifier, there should be a filter button. Usually, it should be around the power button. Locate it and move to the next step.

Step 2: Press and Hold the Filter Button

After locating the filter button, you should press and hold it for at least 5 seconds. That should reset the filtration unit and the device.

Step 3: Check the Air Purifier

Now that you have reset the air purifier turn the device back on and check whether the beeping sound is still there or not. If the device just needed a restart, the beeps should be gone.

How to Change the Filter of Alen Air Purifier?

Usually, the Alen air purifier will have an indicator that will state the condition of the filter. When it is green, it means that the filter is working efficiently and it does not require any attention. If the color is yellow, it would be best to order a replacement right away. And when it is red, you need to replace the filter.

So, how do you replace the filtration unit of the Alen air purifier? Go through these steps:

Step 1: Turn the Device Off and Unplug It

Before anything else, you should turn the air purifier off. But leaving it off will not be enough. You should also pull the power cord out of the power outlet.

Step 2: Pull the Cover Out

Keeping the air purifier standing on a flat surface, pull on the cover using both of your hands. There are magnets near the intake vents. When you pull the cover, the magnets should let go, and you should be capable of taking the cover off.

Step 3: Remove the Filter

When you remove the cover, you should see the filtration unit. There should be a white tab on the top. Gently grab and pull the tab and get it out. We recommend you put the used filter inside a plastic bag right away. That will prevent the dust and debris in the filter from getting all over the indoor air.

Step 4: Place the New Filter Back in Place

Remove the packaging from the new filter and put it in place. Ensure that the black side of the pre-filter is facing towards you. And make sure to put the bottom of the filter first and then firmly push the top. Remember, it should fit snuggly, and there should not be any gap on the top and bottom of the filter.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

Finally, put the cover back into place. When putting it back, place the top hooks of the panel first. Then work on the bottom. You should hear a snap when the cover is in place.

After putting things back together, you should press the reset filter button. Turn the air purifier back on and press the filter button for at least 5 seconds. The light on the top of the device should turn green, and that would indicate that the replacement is successful. Also, the beeping sound should not be audible anymore.

Final Words

In short, the answer to the question of why is my Alen air purifier beeping is that the device requires a reset or a filter replacement. And we hope that it is evident that you do not have to go through too much hassle to reset the air purifier or replace the filter.

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