Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bag: Does It Really Work?

Last Updated on March 29, 2024

To avoid health problems, you must keep the air sanitized. Contaminated air can cause lung problems and breathing issues. Air purifiers are getting popular due to their effective pollutant removal feature. Those who care for the environment will love using a bamboo charcoal air purifier bag, but does it really work? 

Believe it or not, it works quite well in purifying the air and maintaining its quality. Activated charcoal is used in such bags that are known to eliminate odor and give your room a fresh vibe. Moreover, they can tackle pathogens and allergens from the surrounding area. 

In this article, we will highlight what bamboo charcoal bags are and how it compares to other air-purifying options. For complete insights, please continue reading.

Differentiating Bamboo Charcoal and Regular Charcoal

Before knowing the use, it is wise to know what they are. Regular charcoal is derived using peat, wood, and some organic substances. They are burned in an oxygen-lacking chamber and can take a few days to finalize the outcome. 

Bamboo charcoal is what the name suggests; it is made by burning bamboo wood. The outcome here is more porous and extremely absorbing. Bamboo charcoal is known to provide better cleansing compared to regular charcoal. 

They can counter harmful air particles, absorb odors, and remove moisture from the environment, giving you mold-free living space. 

What’s So Good About Bamboo Charcoal?

Charcoal has its benefits, and bamboo charcoal is in a league of its own. It’s just better. Here is what bamboo charcoal offers:

  • There is no strong smell, as there are no toxic chemicals
  • It is allergen free
  • Can last for 2 years and more without change
  • It is a reliable, clean, and sustainable source
  • You can use it as plant fertilizer after the purifying lifespan

What Is a Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag?

It is a bag with activated bamboo charcoal in it. The bag that carries the coal is reusable, biodegradable, and non-toxic. Are you getting confused? How can this be an air purifier? 

Well, we have to say that bamboo charcoal itself is a potent source that can sanitize the air around it. Therefore using coals in a bag is the most natural process to tackle pollutants and odors. 

Positive Sides of Bamboo Charcoal Bags

When it comes to freshening the air, bamboo charcoal does it effectively. The large porous surface is functional enough to absorb better than regular charcoal. It can neutralize and absorb pollutants better. Here are the advantages:

It Absorbs Moisture

When you live in a humid area, your home will likely form some types of mold and mildew. Clean and moisture-free air is what you will desire in this situation to tackle mold formation. Believe it or not, bamboo is an excellent absorber and will keep your home environment free from moisture. 

Neutralize Foul Smell

One thing we all hate is strong odors. Even the slightest smell can catch you off guard in a lively environment. To keep the air fresh, we use air fresheners and all. Do you know that bamboo charcoal is a better alternative to sprays? 

The charcoal is a potent odor neutralizer and will not mask the smell like a freshener but remove them for good. Keep in mind that using activated charcoal is the trick here. Activated means they go through heat treatments and are more absorbing. 

Note: Don’t expect charcoal bags to provide an air freshener-like smell. They won’t give you any strong smell but will change the mood by neutralizing the odors. The change that you are about to cherish while using charcoal is what we call the fragrance of fresh air. 

Free from Chemicals – No Ozone

One thing that bugs us about electrical air purifiers like ionizers and UV variants is that they emit ozone into the surrounding. Ozone is a byproduct that is known to harm the environment and eventually disturb human health as well. 

Bamboo charcoal is safe and sound. They are all-natural and are free from chemical emissions. Moreover, they don’t produce ozone; rather, they can remove ozone to a certain extent.  

Takes Out Allergens

Allergens in the air can cause severe infections and irritation to sensitive people. Substances like pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and some others are harmful allergens that you better avoid. 

And it is wise to use an air purifier to eliminate these substances, but as we said, today is all about being natural. Therefore Bamboo charcoal is what you need. It can remove dust mites and many other allergy-causing particles from the air. 

Get Rid of Pathogens

Bacterias are everywhere, and it is sometimes hard to get rid of them completely, especially in your housing environment. As you cannot see them, you can fight them on your own. You will need purifiers to kill or efface bacteria from the air or surface. 

According to research, Bamboo charcoal did exhibit antibacterial properties. Those who are disease prone must have air purifiers in their surroundings. And the best way to do it is by adding a bamboo charcoal bag.

The Mechanism of Bamboo Charcoal Bags – Does It Really Work?

These kinds of bags include bamboo charcoal inside them. Charcoal is super effective in taking on pollutants from the air. Due to having a bigger surface area than orthodox coals and also having bigger pores on their surface, bamboo charcoal pulls in air particles better than its compatriots. 

The coal catches the humid air and refines it. In that process, the harmful particles are trapped, and the pathogens are neutralized. In the next process, the fresh and clean air exits the pores leaving the dust mites, pollens, and everything behind.

You might notice that the coal bag is getting heavier. This means that the bamboo charcoal is working perfectly. It gets heavier because it attracts pollutants. 

The efficacy of bamboo charcoal is second to none, and it can take in VOCs and formal hydrate, according to some test results. Now moving on to the bags, most manufacturers will use linen materials for the bags to provide breathability. 

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How to Use Bamboo Charcoal Bags?

Now that you know all the positives of charcoal bags, how do you plan to use them? You must not put the bags for use right out of the box. Let us show you two ideal steps to utilize its full potential. 

Step 1: Recharge It

Once you have the bags in hand, you need to charge them. Yes, coal bags need to be recharged! Put it in direct sunlight and let them bathe in the UV for 1 hr. 

Note: Sun exposure is not for warming the charcoal but strictly for activating carbons. The best way to maintain bamboo charcoal bags is to perform the recharge process once a month. 

Step 2: Put to Use

Right after step 1, there is nothing you need to do, just grab the bag and place it in your room. Keep it somewhere where it doesn’t distract you. You can use charcoal bags to purify your garage, car interior, bedrooms, or bathrooms.

Note: Use smaller bags for small rooms. You might need more than one bag to cover a spacious indoor space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do bamboo-activated charcoal bags work?

Yes, it works wonderfully in treating odors and harmful contaminants. It can be an excellent alternative to electrical devices. Most importantly, it is environmentally friendly. Read the above to learn more about this topic. 

2. Do bamboo charcoal bags really purify the air?

Yes, it purifies the air. It counters odor and offers a fresh environment. More importantly, the activated charcoal in it can absorb pet dander, pollen, dust mites, bacteria, and even harmful chemicals. 

3. What is the best bamboo charcoal purifier bag?

You can try out the ‘KISX Nature Fresh Air Purifier Bag.’ It is very effective in removing dust and other contaminants. Safe for kids and pets. 

4. For how long will bamboo charcoal last?

If you keep the bag well maintained, as we mentioned in the previous section, then it should last for 2-3 years without issues. Bathing the bag under UV sun rays every month can expand its life span, rather than just keeping it seated for years.


Does bamboo charcoal air purifier really work? Yes, bamboo charcoal purifier bags work well in removing allergens and pathogens. It was also tested and showed positive signs in treating VOCs. Talking about whether you should get it or not will depend on you. 

We have had benefits and even saw other reviewers rate it highly. It is indeed worthy because it is sustainable and will add positive effects to the environment, unlike the ionizer or UV purifier. 

It’s not like UV and ionizing devices are bad; it’s just that they have more drawbacks compared to bamboo charcoal purifier bags. Now the floor is yours to decide. 

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