Does Air Purifier Cool The Room? – Know The Physics Behind It

Last Updated on April 13, 2024

Air purifier users often refer the device to their friends, telling them that it helps cool the room. But that doesn’t seem practical because the mode of functionalities of an air purifier varies greatly from that of an air conditioner or cooler.

So, does air purifier cool the room in reality? The answer is no. However, you will still find some comfort if you turn the air purifier on in your room, especially on summer days.

In the later sections, I’ll discuss why air purifier makes the room feel cooler and more comfortable. So, let’s get to it.

Can Air Purifiers Cool the Air?

Air purifiers function by intaking the existing air of your room, cleaning the air of any dust, dirt, pollen, or other harmful component, and finally releasing the air into the room.

Now, the air purifier will not reduce the temperature of the air it exhausts. However, if the air purifier comes with a built-in exhaust fan, it will release the air at a certain speed.

If that air falls directly on your body, it will reduce your body temperature. This is called the Wind-chill effect.

It must be noted that this will not cool the room. However, you will feel some level of comfort depending on the speed of the air purifier’s fan. Certain air purifiers come with ionizers instead of fans.

You won’t feel the wind-chill effect in cases of these purifiers. The problem is, usually the airflow rate of air purifiers isn’t that high.

Air purifiers’ airflow usually ranges from 150 to 500 cubic meters per hour. On the other hand, a typical desk fan would provide around 1700 cubic meters of speed per hour.

As you can see, the airflow isn’t sufficient to cool your temperature down a great deal. However, it may provide some comfort depending on how close the air purifier is to the person.

Air Purifiers and Room Temperature

There are two types of air purifiers according to airflow type, Upward Airflow and Forward Airflow. In the case of upward airflow air purifiers, the device takes the air in from the front, back, and sides.

Then the device exhausts the air upward toward the ceiling of the room. In this case, the Wind Chill effect won’t be felt because the airflow will not fall on the person’s body.

Air Purifiers And Room Temperature

And in the case of the forward airflow type, the Wind Chill effect can be felt. These air purifiers intakes from the back and sides to release it from the front.

Some forward airflow air purifiers also come with an oscillation mode. These can help cover a wider range.

Although the air purifier will not reduce the room temperature, the comfort felt by the user can vary depending on the size of the room. If the room is too large, the comfort might not be considered because the air will dissipate across the room.

It helps if the room is smaller. In this case, the force of airflow will be much more present and can be felt more, resulting in greater comfort.

Alternatives to Air Purifiers for Cooling a Room

If you want to cool your room but at a budget, here are some quick hacks for you-

  • Close the blinds and drapes to block sunlight. Sunlight is one of the major sources of heat in your household. Blocking it will lower your room temperature significantly.
  • Don’t keep electrical appliances turned on unnecessarily. Appliances generate considerable heat over time. Keeping them turned off can really help keep the temperature in check.
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  • Use exhaust fans to exhaust the warm air out of your room. This makes space for cool air to enter. Also, a smooth airflow keeps the room cool.
  • You can use a ceiling fan. These boost the airflow of your room significantly. The boosted airflow helps cool the room and also lowers your body temperature with the Wind Chill effect.


Thank you for staying with us till the end, I hope you’ve found a satisfactory answer to “Does air purifier cool the room?” As you can see, although it’s not designed to cool your room, it does lower your body temperature in certain cases.


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