Why Does Air Purifier Have 65 Warning? Should I Be Worried?

Last Updated on May 22, 2023

If you took a look at the box or the manual of air purifiers, you might have noticed that there is a Prop 65 warning. Although this warning is not present in all available devices, most of the air purifiers on the market will come with this warning. But why does air purifer have 65 warning? What does it mean?

Air purifiers have the Prop 65 warning to comply with the legal requirement of California. If brands and businesses do not provide this warning, they will not be capable of legally making sales in that region. And it gives warnings about exposures to chemicals that can cause birth defects, cancer, and other reproductive harms.

So, does that mean you should not use an air purification device with a Prop 65 warning? The case is not that simple. And you can understand it all by going through our in-depth discussion.

Why Do Air Purifiers Have Prop 65 Warning?

To get to the bottom of the topic, you must clearly understand why air purifiers come with a Prop 65 warning. As we have stated earlier, California law states that products that utilize certain chemicals should have a Prop 65 waring. It is a legal requirement, and the law was enacted in 1986.

The thing is, some air purifiers will rely on different types of chemicals to provide the purification performance. And if those devices do not come with the Prop 65 warning, they can not be sold legally. This law is something that air purifier brands have to comply with to make sales in California.

What Does the Prop 65 Warning Mean?

Now that you know why air purification devices come with a Prop 65 warning, let’s discuss what the warning means in detail. The Prop 65 warning simply states that the product contains one or multiple chemicals that are known for causing birth defects and cancer.

However, the warning does not necessarily state that the product is not safe to use. It just makes the user aware of the harmful chemical in the product. There are potential risks to using the product, but you can say for sure that it will cause harm to your health.

That said, there are about 900 different chemicals on the Proposition 65 list. The total number constantly changes because new chemicals are added to the list when research shows concrete results. And other types of air purification devices will utilize different types of chemicals from the Prop 65 list.

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Final Words

So, why does air purifier have 65 warning? It is there to let the users know the potential risk of using the device.

When air purifiers have a prop 65 warning, it states that the device utilizes one or more chemicals that can cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive defects. However, it is not unsafe to use an air purifier with a Prop 65 warning.

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