Why Does My Air Purifier Make a Snap? [FIX]

Last Updated on May 9, 2024

Air purifiers with ionizers are better than regular air purifiers in most cases. They offer better air cleaning results and reduce the odors from the air. For that reason, these devices are highly popular in the market. But these are not perfect. After using the unit for a while, you might notice some issues. For example, snapping sounds.

When that happens, you might wonder why does my air purifier make a snap when it is operational. The snapping noise occurs when the ionizer wires catch large particles. 

However, a continuous snapping sound is not normal. If that happens, there is undoubtedly some problem with the device. But the good news is that you can fix the snapping issue effortlessly by following this guide.

Why Does the Snapping Noise Occur?

Air purifiers with ionizers will have wires in them. These will rely on electricity to produce negative ions. When these negative ions get into the air, they will electrically charge the other particles, making them accumulate on the floor or the ceiling. In other words, the ionizers help to clean the air out efficiently.

That said, air does not always have small particles in them. Some particulates might be relatively larger than others. And when those get stuck in the wires, the ionizers will make a snapping sound. A snapping sound once in a while is not something that you need to worry about.

How to Fix an Air Purifier That Is Making Snapping Sound?

If the ionizer snapping sound occurs continuously, you must clean the electric cells. And for that, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Wear Protective Gears and Turn the Device Off

First and foremost, you should get gloves that can prevent your hands from electrocuting. For this, we would recommend picking insulated gloves. But any work glove that does not leave your hands exposed should be fine. 

Then, turn the device off and get the plug out of the power outlet. Do not work with the device while it is still on!

Step 2: Remove the Loose Debris on Electric Cells

After wearing the gloves, open the air purifier and clean the electronic cells. For most air purifiers with ionizers, there should be two cells. Ensure that there are no debris and dust on the bottom. If you find dust, use a dry cloth or vacuum cleaner.

But, you should not vacuum the post-filter and pre-filter of the ionizer air purifiers. Doing so will damage those filters, and you might need to replace them afterward. 

Step 3: Check the Electric Cells

Now, you will need to turn the device back on. But before that, close the access door and put things back together. Turn the electric air cleaner mode and let the system fan run for a while. The snapping sounds should not be there anymore.

However, if you still hear the snapping noise, turn the device off and recheck the electric cells. Inspect for broken wires between the plates, bent collector plates, dirt on the insulators, and damaged contact tabs on the top of the cells. Also, check the pre-filters and ensure that they are in good condition.

You should also see if the pre-filters are in the right place or not. They should be on the cabinet slot that is farthest from the furnace. But if everything seems okay and the issue is still there, you should get the device serviced.

Final Words

The short answer to the question of why does my air purifier make a snap is that there is an issue with the ionizer wire or the electric cells. Sometimes, large particles get stuck with the wires, which makes them make a snapping noise. Occasional sound is okay, but if it is happening continuously, clean the electric cells.

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