Why Does a Air Purifier Put Out Cool Air?

Last Updated on March 12, 2024

If you put your hands near the exhaust area, you might have noticed that air purification devices blow out cooler air from the inside. Although manufacturers will state that air purification devices are not designed to cool down the air, you might still wonder why does a air purifier puts out cool air.

Well, your air purifier might be blowing out cool air simply because of the placement. You might have placed the device at an optimal location where the fan is getting proper airflow, and the airflow direction is ideal for the cleaning process. This placement offers you clean air and, coincidentally, cold air too.

However, is that the only reason you are getting cool air out of the air purification device? Or is there more to it? Continue reading to know it all!

How Can an Air Purifier Blow Out Cold Air?

To get to the bottom of the topic, you need to understand the causes that might be making the device blow out cool air. So, let’s walk you through them!

The Fan

The fan is the most apparent reason you are getting cool air from the exhaust port of the air purifier. If it is on the highest setting, it is doing a lot of work to move the air from the intake port to the outtake port. But keep in mind that the fan inside the air purifiers is not as strong as the desk fans.

For that reason, you can not simply keep an air purification device on your desk and expect it to cool you down. The cooling sensation you get when holding your hands on the exhaust port targets a small area. On the other hand, desk coolers can target a large area and adequately cool you down.

Airflow Direction

Another possible reason why you are getting cool air from the exhaust port is because of the direction of the airflow. For example, if you have placed the air purification device in the center of the room, it properly circulates the surrounding air. And that can end up with a bit of cool air on the exhaust port.

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A Cool Room

The reason you are getting a cooling sensation after holding your hands on the outtake port might simply be because of having a cool room. Remember, air purifiers do not have condensers and evaporator coils to lower the air temperature. Instead, it makes the air go through filters to clean it.

Can You Use an Air Purifier to Cool Down Air?

No, air purifiers can not simply work like an air cooler. It does not have the components that you will generally find in air coolers. As we have already mentioned earlier, the air purification devices do not have any condensers, nor do they have any evaporator coils.

Due to not having these cooling parts, the air purifiers can not cool down the air. Now, even if you are getting a little cooling sensation on the exhaust, it is simply not enough to cool down a particular area.

So, if you are planning to use air purifiers as air coolers, you need to think again. Air purification devices are simply for cleaning the air by eliminating pollutants. These devices will have filters and a fan for doing all of the cleaning tasks. And they do not have what it takes to lower the temperature of the air.

Final Words

Are you still wondering why does a air purifier put out cool air? It might be because the device is at the optimal location, the fan is cranked up to the highest setting, or your room is cooler than usual. The air purifiers simply do not have what it takes to lower the temperature of the air.

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