Why Does My Air Purifier Spark? Is This Fixable?

Last Updated on April 30, 2024

“Tell you what, I’m going to get rid of this machine one of these days. It’s no good anymore. The noise is so annoying.”

“Seriously?! Who promised to be optimistic at all times? Come on; air purifiers do that – I’ve heard. There must be a solution to this.”

Blessed is the loved ones who back you when you are losing it. Now, since you are asking around – why does my air purifier spark, we couldn’t sit idly anymore. We looked into the matter and are about to explain the reasons for such an undesired happening.

Also, how to eliminate the problem easily, you are about to find out. Read on. 

Why Does My Air Purifier Spark?

First of all, the matter isn’t something to get worked up for. Yes, the problem isn’t devastating. However, we are going to look into it and assess the dangers, if any.

The Mechanism

You set the air purifier with an anticipating heart that it’s going to serve the purpose right. However, have you ever checked out how the machine operates? If not, then it’s about time you did.

The purifier draws airborne particles into it. Then the rest of what follows is similar to that of a magnetic field. Yes, the mechanism is quite simple. The machine creates two opposite charges.

If the particles drawn into it produce this particular charge, then the metallic plate of the internal chamber produces its opposite. Thus, the purifier attracts the air particles, traps them inside, and leaves you with fresh and breathable air in the room.

Now, the air particles can, at times, be big. And you can guess what happens when you have a metallic plate drawing in many large particles at once. Yes, there will be sparks for sure. However, the spark we talk about isn’t that noisy. So, what if the spark is a bit too intense? Is that a problem? Yes.

Before getting into the solution to the problem, there’s one piece of advice for the lazy legs out there. Turning the machine off doesn’t take ages. So, do it before you unplug the main cord. Otherwise, there will be sparks, and you will be the reason for them.   

The Remedy

We are about to solve the spark issue in the simplest of manners. Yes, you are required to do but little.

  1. Remove Condensation from the Wires and Electrodes

See, the humidity may become too much for the wires and electrodes to bear. And these parts are the most delicate when it comes to safety. If there are any unfortunate events taking place with electronic devices, these two parts are often the culprits.

We all are apprehensive about short circuits. And we have every reason to be. The humidity we just talked about can well be the precipitating factor for such an awful occurrence. Therefore, it’s your job to ensure that the condensation isn’t damaging the system.

What you need to do is use a dry, soft, and clean cloth to wipe off the condensation gently. Be careful about using rough clothes, though. You don’t want to scratch the system. Also, if the cloth itself gets wet and dirty, do not shy of using another one.

  1. Disassemble the Filter and Clean It

When you have too many impurities in the air, the workload of the machine increases considerably. Now, how do you give it some rest? Well, by keeping it turned off for a while.

You must also disassemble it from time to time. You don’t want to damage the filter by leaving it with layers of heavy impurities. They will surely overburden the system. So, after you are done disassembling it, follow the manual strictly. Go through the cleaning process as instructed by the manufacturers.

Here I want to emphasize the importance of not being innovative during cleaning. You might’ve watched your next-door buddy cleaning his air purifier in a certain way, and you want to implement it. Now, as innocent as your intention may be, just do yourself a favor and don’t commit such a mistake.

Pardon me for snatching away the convenience you might’ve been looking for. See, the manuals are boring; let’s just admit it. But they will save you the hassles you would’ve fallen into due to faulty maintenance. The manual will guide you step by step into the appropriate cleaning process.

  1. Replace the Components If Needed

Among other causes, the ozone plate may produce sparks if the machine includes one. Malfunctioning ozone plates require complete replacement sometimes. So, you will have to contact the manufacturers so that they can provide the demanded replacement.

And if the fan port isn’t working, you might have to replace it too. The manufacturers will help you with this also. And you can hire a mechanic if you are not comfortable with machinery.

Final Words

Optimistic people do not lose it when there’s a trivial issue. You need to be composed no matter what. Like the answer to your question – Why Does My Air Purifier Spark; you will find solutions to most of the problems if not all. As for the ones regarding air purifiers, we are here to step in anytime.

If there’s any query, never feel shy to put it forward. We will respond with a mindful ear.

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