Why Does My Air Purifier Keep Turning Off? How to Fix?

Last Updated on April 30, 2024

Is your air purifier shutting off? Can you not keep your air purifier working for just five minutes? Waiting for a while or pressing buttons randomly will not solve the issue. Some particular things can answer your question of why does my air purifier keep turning off. You need to understand them to fix the problem.

In short, a faulty outlet, damaged power cords, clogged filters, overheating, or factory defects might be making your air purifier shut off randomly. So, how do you fix the issue? To know the process, you will need to stick with us until the end because we will cover the nitty-gritty details of the problem in this discussion.

Why Does an Air Purifier Keep Shutting off?

You need to get to the root of the problem to find the answer to the question of why does my Dyson air purifier keep turning off. Well, in this segment, we will go through the possible reasons that might be causing your air purifier to shut off automatically. So, you should go through them and follow the tips to solve the issue.

Faulty Outlet

The internal components of the air purifier are pretty crucial. However, the power sources are just as important. Yes, faulty power outlets in your home are not something you might have noticed. Sometimes, some devices will run perfectly fine even when the outlets are faulty.

Moreover, the signs of a bad outlet are similar to those of malfunctioning internal components. That is why it is pretty hard to diagnose them.

So, you simply can not rule out the possibility of a faulty outlet causing the issue. For that reason, before opening the air purifier and seeing what is wrong on the inside, you need to check the outlet.

That said, sometimes, when the damage to the internal circuitry is too significant, the outlet might provide power intermittently. Well, this will put your air purifier at risk. The internal circuit can short-circuit, which can cause permanent damage to the components.

So, how can you determine whether you have a faulty unit or not? Try to run the air purifier on a different outlet and check if the issue persists or not. If the original power outlet was faulty, the device should run perfectly after you change it to the new one.

On the other hand, if you want to test your DIY skills and have a multimeter, you can test out the power outlet yourself. Check the continuity of the outlet. Although this method is optional, we would strongly suggest you do it. A faulty power outlet can be the first sign of a large concern in the electrical layout of the home.

A Damaged Power Cord

Did you know that it is pretty easy to damage a power cord? Yes! It is! Some power cords will get worn down without even going through any rough use. Nonetheless, if you have seen a stripped power cord, you might already know there are small cables underneath the thick rubber housing.


These little cables on the inside can quickly get damaged. And when that happens, the air purifier will not be optimal. So, how do you know if the air purifier is shutting off due to a damaged power cord? A visual inspection should be enough. Check if you see any wear or exposed internal cables on the power cord.

Other than that, if you notice that the air purification device is shutting off when you move the cord a little, you can be sure that the issue is because of the power cord.

That said, to solve this issue, you will need to replace the power cord. But before you head out or order a replacement right away, consider the amperage and voltage requirements. The original power cable should have labeling that will state both factors.

Clogged Filters

It is common for air purifiers to shut off automatically when the filters are highly clogged. That is why it is pretty essential to maintain and clean the filtration unit. In fact, most manufacturers will recommend cleaning or changing the air purifier filtration unit every month. Clean filters also guarantee that the purification process is efficient.

Furthermore, the filter might get obstructed if you keep the air purifier in a nonoptimal place. This can also make the air purifier turn off randomly. Even in this case, you will find that the filter is clogged.

So, how do you unclog or clean the air purifier filter? First, you should turn the device off. Keep it off for a couple of minutes and let things inside cool down. Get the filter out of the device by removing the plastic panel. Depending on the model, you might also need to work with the outer filter vent.

After removing the device’s filter, clean it with a vacuum cleaner and remove all the debris. Then, hold the filter under a running tap and let the water do the cleaning. Let the filter dry properly, and then put it back into the air purifier.

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Do note that the cleaning filter will only work if the filter is not older than six months. If the filter is not newer than six months, cleaning it will not solve the automatic shutting down issue. You need to replace the filter and see if the problem is still there or not.


You might not know, but excessive temperatures can kill the air purifier! Yes, it will fry out the circuit inside, and you might not be capable of bringing the device back to life. Heat is the worst enemy of every household appliance.

Now, when it comes to air purification devices, overheating can occur when the filter gets obstructed or for malfunctioning components and a faulty power source. That said, some of the devices will have built-in security measures. This safety feature will automatically turn the air purifier off if it overheats.

For that reason, you should first check if your model has this safety feature or not. And if you do find that the feature is present, there is a high chance the purifier is shutting itself off just to protect itself.

Nonetheless, in most cases, the placement issue will cause the air purifiers to overheat. Keep these devices in locations where they will face any obstruction in taking the air in and blowing it out.

If the placement was not an issue, you must look at the filtration unit. Sometimes, the air purifier can overheat when the filter is extremely clogged. So, clean or replace it and check if the issue is still present.

Factory Defects

Sometimes, the issue might be because of a factory defect. Although all modern air purifiers will go through quality checks, there is still room for errors. In other words, it is not impossible for you to get a defective device. And the thing after factory defects, they will not be noticeable right after you make the purchase.

However, if you do notice these defects after purchasing the air purifier, you need to send it back immediately. But if you have been using the device for a while, check if it is still under warranty. If so, claim it and get a replacement.

Final Words

Are you still asking yourself why does my air purifier keep turning off? There can be a couple of reasons behind it. But in most cases, it will be because of a faulty outlet, damaged power cord, clogged filter, or the device overheating. You should not also rule out the possibility of having a defective device.

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