Why Is Invisible Air Purifier Stuck in Yellow Status?

Last Updated on March 20, 2024

Most modern air purifiers will come with an indicator light. This indicator will offer information about the air quality and alerts you when there is any problem with the device. Depending on your model, the light can turn blue, yellow, green, or red. But sometimes, the indicator can get stuck to yellow and not turn blue.

So, why is the Invisible air purifier stuck in yellow status? Well, a yellow light indicates that the air quality is moderate. Again, depending on the device, it would have been blue or green if the air quality was good. It can also be because of the air filter or not using the right settings.

Now, how do you make the air purifier get the green or blue status? To learn that, you need to carry on reading!

How to Make the Air Purifier Get a Green or Blue Status?

If your air purifier is stuck on the yellow indicator status, the air quality is not up to the standards. But sometimes, it can be for the filtration unit or not putting the correct settings on the device. And here are the steps that you need to carry out to fix the issue:

Step 1: Clean the Pre-Filter

First of all, you need to focus on the pre-filter. There might be too much debris on the surface of that filtration unit. Get yourself a dry brush or cloth and clean it properly. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner and perform a thorough cleaning.

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Step 2: Work on the Air Quality Sensor

After cleaning the pre-filter, you need to check the air quality sensor. It might also have dust on it, making it get inaccurate readings. Using a dry cloth or brush, clean that sensor correctly.

Step 3: Check and Reset the Filter

Next, focus on the filtration unit. Check whether it is in the correct direction or not. All of the filters have a number tag on them. That will help you determine whether they are in the right slot. If you find them placed in the wrong direction, place them correctly. Then, reset the filtration unit.

On that note, while you are checking the filtration, ensure that there is no packing material on the filters. Usually, they will have polythene, which you should remove before turning the air purifier on.

Step 4: Consider the Fan Speed

For this, you would need to first factor in the PM2.5 level. If it is higher than 150, keep the fan speed on the highest mode. And if there is a turbo mode available, activate it.

Step 5: Check the Room

While the air purifier is operating, try to keep all the windows and doors closed. Doing so will lower the air purifier load and make the indoor air get the highest level of purity quickly.

Final Words

So, why is the Invisible air purifier stuck in yellow status? The reason that might contribute to this issue is the room’s air quality. It might not be of the highest standard. Alternatively, some problems with the fan settings and the filtration unit can make the air purifier gain a yellow status.

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