Why Won’t My Oreck Air Purifier Turn on? [FIX]

Last Updated on April 6, 2024

For most of the problems that occur to air purifiers, you can be your own troubleshooter and fix the issues. The same thing applies to the servicing problems on the Oreck air purifier. They are often easy to solve. But it is not unnatural to think why won’t my Oreck air purifier turn on.

Nonetheless, a couple of reasons might be behind the issue. But in most cases, it might be because of the power cord, power button, front grill, or top cover. So, what do you do to fix the issue? To know that, you will need to go through this guide properly.

What to Do When Oreck Air Purifiers
Do Not Turn on?

It is not that uncommon for the air purifiers to not turn on. There are some factors that make them behave like this. And here are the things that you can do to fix the issue:

Check the Power Cord

You might not know this, but it is pretty easy to damage power cords. And when the power cords get damaged, the unit will not get its power properly, which will hinder it from turning on.

So, before anything else, you should check the unit’s power cord. See if there is any visible damage on the exterior. Usually, a damaged power cord will have the internal cables exposed. So, if you can see the small wires inside, you need to replace the power cord.

That said, before getting a replacement power cord, you should check the amperage and voltage rating of the original cable. It should be on the protective rubber layer of the power cord. Get a cable that matches these ratings and replace the damaged one with it.

The Power Outlet Might Be Faulty

Sometimes, it is not because of the power cord. Instead, the power outlet might be faulty. A simple way to confirm this would be to check if the air purifier runs on the other outlets or not. If it does, you can be sure that the previous wall outlet was faulty.

Another way to confirm this would be by using a multimeter. Check if the outlet passes the voltage and continuity tests. If it does not, address the issue as soon as possible because a faulty power outlet is an early sign of a significant problem in the electricity structure of the house.

Power Button Not Set Properly

If you have checked the power cord and the outlet and find that the unit is still not turning on, there might be issues with the power button. You might not have the right blower speed set on the Oreck air purifier. Check it and try to turn the air purifier again.

Front Grill Might Be Not in Place

You should check whether the front grill is in place or not if the unit does not turn on. To ensure that it is in the right place, you can take it out and put it back on. Make sure to slide the grill to the point where it locks into place. And remember, the front grill should not rock or move without disengaging the locks.

Top Cover Is Not in Correct Place

Without the top cover in the right place, the Oreck air purifier will not turn on at all. So, if you are having trouble making the air purifier work, check the top cover. Now, if the top cover appears to be damaged or bent, you should get it replaced. Replacement covers are pretty easy to find.

Faulty Device

Sometimes, the device might be just faulty. And the thing about factory defects is that they will not be apparent right after you purchase the device. The unit might turn on and behave normally for a while and then decide not to work at one point.

Now, if you have a faulty device, we would first recommend checking whether the unit is still under warranty or not. If it is under warranty, you need to send it to Oreck. But if the warranty period is over, opt for a reputable service center and get the air purifier fixed.

Final Words

A lot of issues can make the air purifier not operate optimally. So, if you are wondering why won’t my Oreck air purifier turn on, you are not the first one! 

Nonetheless, damaged power cords, issues with the power button, the front grill not being in the right place, and a damaged top cover can make the unit not operate. For that reason, you need to check these factors before making any new purchases.

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