Why Is There a Blue Light on My Air Purifier? Do I Need to Worry?

Last Updated on May 6, 2024

Most modern air purifiers will come with an indicator light. It shows the current air quality and offers relevant information about the device. But if you do not know what each of the indicator lights is for, you will not get the full benefit of it.

For example, you might notice a blue light and wonder why is there a blue light on my air purifier. Well, depending on your device, it might mean one of two things. Firstly, it might indicate the air quality of the room.

It might also be stating that the device requires a reset.

So, how do you know which is the case for you? What do you need to do after you see the blue light? Well, those are the things we will explain in this discussion!

What Does the Blue Light on Air Purifiers Mean?

As we have stated, the blue light on the air purifiers can mean one of two things. For some models, this light is associated with the room’s air quality. And for others, this light is connected to the filter. Each will convey a different message, which we will go into detail in this segment.

Air Quality Indicator

The air purifiers with an air quality indicator will generally offer users information by shining the light in three different colors. The light will be either blue or green when the air quality is good. It will be yellow or amber when the air inside the room is average in quality. Finally, it will be red if the air quality is too poor.

Now, if you see blue light, you do not have anything to worry about if the indicator is offering info about the air quality. It means that the air quality is good and the air purifier is not having a tough time trying to keep the air around you clean.

Filter Timing Reset

If the indicator that is blue on your air purifier is not for air quality, it might be for the filter timer. And it might be on or blinking because you have just changed the filtration unit of the device. In this case, you will need to reset the timer. The process will be a little different for each device.

However, the timer should generally reset when you hold the timer button for five seconds. For some of the other devices, you might need to insert something small into the hole beside the indicator to reset it. So, if you are a little confused regarding the reset process, we recommend giving the manual a read.

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What Could the Blue Light Mean for Other Devices?

For certain models, such as the Lumipure air purifier, the blue light could have a different meaning. It might neither indicate the air quality nor is it telling you to reset the filter timer. Instead, for that particular device, the blue light is asking you to clean and maintain it.

Cleaning and maintaining the Lumipure air purifier is a relatively easy task. The package should come with a wand with a spongy surface on the end. You will need to use that to clean the internals of the air purifier. And to get to the internals, you should push the little button back on the front panel and open the top of the device.

Next, you will need to pull the unit that is held in place with a plastic nut out. Unscrew the unit’s nut and clean the outside with a piece of a wet rag. For the inside, use the wand. Let it dry properly and put it back into place. Do not forget to screw the nut in place.

Other than that, if you see a blue light on the inside of the device, it might be the UV light. Yes, a lot of modern air purifiers will come with UV-C light. When the air passes through this light, it cleans the odor, germs, chemicals, and mold from the air. And when it operates, you can notice a blue light glowing on the inside.

Additionally, some of the devices have a night light option, where the air purifier will offer a subtle light. And in some cases, this light can be blue in color. Also, some might even have an indicator for the fan speed, which can emit blue light.

Can You Turn the Blue Light on Air Purifiers off?

The thing about turning the blue light off on the air purifiers will depend on what it is there for. Let us give a better idea regarding what we are referring to here:

Air Quality

If the blue light is for air quality, it will not be possible for you to turn it off. Air purifiers with such indicators are designed to inform the user about the quality of the air. And there is no way to turn it off as it is a crucial piece of information.

Filter Timer

If the blue light indicates that you need to reset the filter timer, you just have to press the reset button to turn it off. It will again turn on when the timer requires a restart.

Maintenance Indicator

As we have discussed earlier, the blue light might indicate that you need to clean the device. And generally, it should turn off automatically after you carry out the maintenance process.

UV-C Light

The filters with a UV-C light will have a blue glow inside. It happens when the bulb is cleaning the air with the power of UV. And you can not turn it off if you want the air purifier to carry out effective cleaning. The light is there for a good reason.

Fan Speed

If the blue light indicates the fan’s speed, it also provides a crucial piece of information. And air purifiers with such an indicator light will not have the option to turn that blue light off.

Night Light

Although not all of the air purifiers come with a night light, the ones that do come with one will have a button to keep it off. Some will even let you change the color and brightness. In most cases, there should be a button on the control panel, which will enable you to turn the blue light off.

Final Words

Still asking yourself why is there a blue light on my air purifier? In most cases, it is indicating the air quality, and blue means good. It can also mean that the blue light states that the device’s filter timer requires a reset. Additionally, it can be the fan speed, UV-C light, or night light.

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