Why Is My New Comfort Air Purifier Humidifier Not Working?

Last Updated on March 22, 2024

Because they are versatile, there is a lot of demand for comfort air purifier humidifiers out there. But the thing is, you can not forget that these are eventually home appliances, regardless of how versatile they are. And just like any other home appliances, you can face some issues with them in the long run.

For example, one day, the unit might not turn on, and you might wonder why is my new comfort air purifier humidifier not working. Generally, the humidifier might not work due to low power, lack of water, or a blockage caused by dirt and debris. Want to know how to fix these issues? Continue reading!

Why Is the Comfort Air Purifier Humidifier Not Producing Mist?

So, there are a couple of reasons why the humidifier air purifier is not working. And in this segment, we will go through them all to give a better idea regarding each.

No or Low Power

The air purifier humidifier can stop working when it loses power or the power supply does not provide enough power to the circuitry. To confirm whether it is because of low power or not, you can check the motor when you are trying to turn the device on.

Power might not be an issue if the motor is on and the digital monitor is on. But if they are not functioning, the device might have a power issue. For this, you will first need to check whether the air purifier is plugged into a power source or not. If it is plugged but not working, the outlet might be faulty.

Check the device with other power outlets. If it works on those, you need to address the previous outlet as soon as possible. A faulty power outlet is generally the first sign of a large electrical layout problem in your house.

Alternatively, you can check whether the power outlet is okay or not by plugging in other appliances to it. If the other devices work but the air purifier does not, the issue is not with the power supply.

Lack of Water

Another possible reason why there is no mist from the humidifier air purifier is that there is not enough water inside. As you might know, these devices rely on water to produce the mist. They evaporate the water from their reservoir. And if there are low water levels in the tank, the device might not turn on.

The solution to this issue is quite simple. All you need to do is check the water levels of the reservoir and see if it has enough water or not. If it requires a refill, pour some water into the tank and try to turn the humidifier air purifier again. Remember, if the dryness level is too high, you should refill several times throughout the day.

Blockages Caused by Dirt and Debris

Mineral sediments, dust, and dirt can accumulate inside the humidifier air purifier. And those can prevent the device from producing mist. So, how do you remove the debris from the humidifiers? Well, the process is different for warm Mist and cool Mist humidifiers.

  • Warm Mist Air Purifier Humidifier

For the warm mist humidifiers, you will be most likely to deal with minerals. They will block the heating elements, hindering the conversion process of water to steam. And usually, this happens when you put straight-up tap water into the humidifier’s tank.

Nonetheless, when you open the tank, you will notice a crusty dark coat of minerals on the surface. If they are in the water tank, they will also be present inside. You will need to chip this layer off to get rid of the blockage.

Most humidifiers will come with a tool to help get to the inside of the device. But if your one does not, use screwdrivers and other necessary tools to get inside. After opening the device, you should see the heating elements. Do not use any sharp object to pry the deposited layer off the heating element.

Instead, use a plastic prying tool. And if you are facing difficulties while trying to get the deposit off while the heating element is attached, you can take it off. It would be a good idea to refer to the user manual for that process.

That said, once you get the mineral buildup out, close the cap, fill the water reservoir, and plug the device in.

  • Cool Mist Air Purifier Humidifier

The cool mist humidifiers will usually have a filter. And the minerals will deposit on it; they will not be able to get to the internals. However, some of the cool mist devices might not come with any filters at all.

So, if your unit has a filter, you can simply solve the blockage issue by taking the filter out and cleaning it. But if your device does not come with a filter, you will need to check the manual for the cleaning process. It will be different for different devices.

Final Words

After going through this guide, you can now take proper steps to solve the issue instead of just wondering why is my new comfort air purifier humidifier not working. And in short, the device can stop working because of power issues, lack of water in the reservoir, and blockage in the internal components.

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