Why Air Purifier Only Blows Out Air from One Side?

Last Updated on April 6, 2024

Recently, there has been a lot of craze regarding air purifiers. With all of the hype and seeing how efficient these devices are at providing healthy air in indoor environments, many people are getting their first ever air purification units. These new users have a lot of questions on their minds.

If you are one of them, you might think – about why air purifier only blows out air from one side. The simple answer is that these devices are designed to work like that. They draw air from one side and push it out from the other side. By doing so, these devices circulate the air around the room properly.

But is that all? Or is there more to it? To find out, you will need to read our entire discussion regarding it!

Working Mechanism of Air Purifiers

If you really want to understand why the air purifiers blow air from one side only, you need to know the working mechanism of these devices. So, air purification devices are designed to remove harmful gases and particles from the air. For doing so, they will have a fan, one or several filters, and some circuitry inside them.

The fan here will start the purifying task. It will suck air from one side and let it pass through the filters. And the filters will do most of the heavy lifting. As the air passes through the filter, it will take out any pollutants, gases, and harmful particles from it.

In short, when the air goes through the filters, it will become clean and purified. After that, clean air will exit from the other side for the thurst of the air caused by the fan. You will notice a little suction effect if you put your hand on the side where the fan takes the air inside.

On the other hand, if you put your hand on the other side, you will feel the air blowing out. It is the clean air that has just gone through the filter or filters.

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Now, if the air purifier pulled air from two sides, the airflow from both sides would just clash. The clean air will get mixed with the dirty one, which will eventually end up in your room. Would that leave you with clean air?

Another thing about this is that the air would not circulate around the room if the device blew air from both sides. So, you will not have clean air in your surroundings with the air blowing from both sides.

Can You Make Both Sides of the Air Purifier Blow Out Air?

The short answer is no. Most air purification devices will have the fan or fans directed on one side. The placement of air purifiers will make them take air in from one and blow it out from the other. So, there is no way of making the purifiers blow air from both sides.

air purifier blows out air

Instead, some of the brands will let you change the airflow mode. Through that, you will be capable of changing the speed of the fan. The air will still blow on one side, even with different airflow modes.

Other than that, even if you could somehow make the air go from both sides, you should not. It will ruin the working principle of the air purifiers and make the device ineffective.

Final Words

So, why air purifier only blows out air from one side? These devices are designed like that. The working principle is that the fan will take air from one side, make it pass through the filters, and let the clean air out from the other. The filtration method will be ineffective if the fan blows air from both sides.

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